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Picture this: you can see yourself sitting at your computer or on your phone, reading this. You take a moment to think about who you REALLY are and your mission in this life.

What are your inner passions? Where do you think that drive came from? 

You really want to know where your dreams come from. You realize that knowing will catapult you toward the fullness of life!

These dreams are a beckoning from your center and purpose.

You know that is the key to greater heights.

I believe this key lies in your DNA and that it was placed there.

We live in a world that views spirituality as a possible universal feeling and belief. Something like The Force or the common denominator of religions (and I’m not saying that is impossible, I just think there’s an absolute answer to that).

My version of the thought of universal belief stems from the theory that all of these feelings, dreams and beliefs come from a single source.

So, what then is ‘worship in spirit and truth’? It must be understood that the origin of this particular idea stems from a very unique god. His name is Yahweh.

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I believe that Yahweh is unlike any other god that’s been introduced to humankind. He demands closer inspection to understand exactly who he is article here and what he is communicating to us.

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At least it’s important to understand exactly what and who he claims to be before any train of thought tempts us to draw conclusions.

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The information pool is vast, and the source is a very reliable literary form: the bible. This subject of the historicity and literary reliability of the bible in-and-of-itself demands closer inspection.

For now, my point is that we as humans tend to dismiss the God of the bible without even considering the cohesiveness of the book and how it tells a complete story. It is too easily dismissed as fable and ‘old-world prose’.

The messages of how our purpose was sewn into us is found there!

Read about The Story of the God of the Bible article here.


Much of who we think ‘God’ is comes from our worldview and what we think about ‘religion’. We associate Yahweh with a ‘religion’ that has caused so much pain and death.

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Maybe we think we know about ‘God’ from how other people have experienced him and expressed themselves.

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I’ve got news: Yahweh isn’t about what humans call religion. Jesus came to EXPOSE  human religion article here. The definition of human religion is mankind’s attempt to reach God.

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The definition of God’s type of religion flows from balancing our relationships article here with him, ourselves and each other.

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The definition of a Follower of Jesus article here is one who learns from him about how God reached out to mankind article here.


The follower learns how to reach for greater heights and seeks the richness of life for their self, their family and their neighbor.


We hear that since humans are so intelligent there can’t possibly be any sort of ‘God’ except through old ideas. God is for those who want a crutch (future article) for explaining away what science and common sense should explain, they say.

‘God’ is only the concoction of the ancient past, modern logic would have us say, or our thought about who God is comes from putting all of the different belief systems into one, thinking, “they can’t all be wrong!”


But you might be wondering how our current-day thought processes grapple with these seemingly-ancient stories.


Travel with me through this story so we can explore the basis of Yahweh together and discover how science and common sense make total sense in his plan. 

He is the original meaning that you’ve heard about worship in spirit and truth.

See, I believe that during this journey, whether or not you believe what you read, that you will find how to unlock your central purpose.

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What is Spirit and Truth? The Central Story

In John chapter four of the bible, Jesus sits at Jacob’s well. 

Jesus Meets the Woman at the Well

Tired, hot and thirsty from his travels, he asks a woman to draw him water from that well.

During his conversation with her, he tells her that God is spirit and he must be worshiped in spirit and truth.

This summary from Jesus about God is a huge mouthful.  The words mean so much.

What Jesus is telling her is that she is now talking not only about, but to the key that turns on the engine of life.

There’s a basis for what Jesus is telling the woman. That basis has a name. He is the Creator God, Yahweh.

It’s important that before we draw any conclusions that we understand who he is and, with that knowledge, how that impacts our lives.

It’s also important to realize Jesus is specifically referring to Yahweh and no one else.



I believe in a very specific God. His name is Yahweh and he is the God of the Jews of the bible. There is no other god like him, for none of the others we have been exposed to claim to have created the earth while at the same time being apart from the earth.



Catapult Yourself to the Fullness of Life 

These are the key points in understanding and finding the fullness of life article here:

    • He is the Creator who is separate from his creation. And the only one that claims so.
      • All other gods or prophets or messengers referenced in our world reside and originate from our world.
    • Yahweh is not the creation of people’s mind but rather a true historical character.
      • He is not the sum of ‘rational’ thinkers. Others exclaim ‘how could there be a god when all this evil exists, etc…’ to try and say that no good God could exist. But he is a historic and current phenomena. He is not ‘legend’.
    • Yahweh is NOT a genie in a bottle future article. You’ll hear me reference this one more-than-once (so much of the secret of life stems from this one idea. Stick with me. I have a lot of great articles surrounding this idea).
      • Yahweh is not a dispenser of a stream of gifts just because you decide to do a certain thing or act a certain way.


You will find out exactly what Jesus means when he says:

I come that they might have life – and have it to the full.

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Get the Full Story

Yahweh is so misunderstood. First, we read early earth history and how he is a god of war. And then we ask, “how can a god of war be of any relevance to us today?? future article

As a human race, we tend to label him as fable because we don’t look at the entire story of him article here as a whole to draw our conclusions.

Yet, that entire story is available for YOU to draw your own individual conclusion. You don’t need scholars to draw your conclusions for you.

The bible was written for you to read and understand yourself. Sure, it helps to have a knowledgeable guide, but understand this:

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It is never the job of a pastor or teacher to only tell you what the bible says, but to lead you in a study of it.

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Learn About the Character of Yahweh FROM Yahweh!

Rather, like we westerners love to do, we pick-and-choose the sound bites from the bible that make good press for Tweeting and FB squabbling.


And we also point to ‘religious’ leaders who have acted like, well, humans.

There have been many powerful and greedy, small-minded people who have claimed to know Yahweh, but have made a mess and given him a bad name. Even if they actually knew of/know him, we all fall and all have our own shortcomings.

And because of the way we think, we want to characterize Yahweh because of these human shortcomings. Nothing could be a more incorrect way to understand his character!

Remember, he is separate from his creation.

Discover exactly the nature of his character by reading how he reached out to mankind article here.


What’s Next?

Don’t dismiss him early in your discovery. Find out for yourself exactly who he is.

Knowing about Yahweh is seeing the lock on the door to your center and purpose. Knowing Yahweh is the key to that lock.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.  Oh, if you came here by way of the Secret of the Origin of Life page: the answer to the mystery of the real veil that has been a roadblock for us is found in the book of Matthew. This is the very next verse after the description of Jesus dying on the cross.

What does it mean? it’s an interesting message about the original practice of Judaism where a literal veil existed in the temple between the glory of Yahweh and mankind. 

Since Jesus accomplished his self-sacrifice, a new agreement between Yahweh and mankind began! And a part of this new agreement is that no longer would there be a veil between Yahweh and mankind. God the Father is now approached through Jesus, the Son.

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P.P.S.   The majority of articles linked above will point back to this one for reference. This is the home page and referred to often!

I would really enjoy your comments on each article…Please do share if you have anything to say, if it’s sincere and you wish to carry on a civil conversation!!

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Your point of view is important to me, especially if you don’t believe what you’re reading. Please be passionate with your comments without being judgmental. That goes for both pro and con.

I apologize up-front that I just won’t have any tolerance for slandering/name-calling or immature comments. Some of them may be deleted. Is that one of my shortcomings? Probably.

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So have fun reading, and my hope is that you discover what is the original meaning of spirit and truth.

…and that his name is Yahweh!

Steve Cass at createwealthonline.comAbout Steve 

A working guitarist, guitar designer, songwriter, worship leader and online entrepreneur who is passionate for telling others about the story of God.

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