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The Trinity

Have you heard of the Trinity of God?:

Do you know that the God of the Universe doesn’t live on or originate from the earth?

Have you heard that the God named Yahweh is actually three gods in one?

Get to know Yahweh and understand how these three parts of the same Godhead can change your life.

What is the Trinity of God?

Try and understand it and you will lose your mind. Try and live without it and lose your soul.”

This was what Tertullian, an early church father, was quoted as saying about the Trinity. He is credited as the originator of the concept.

This was a simple and elegant way of saying that no one may very well be able to wrap their brain around the concept, but the concept itself can still be pictured in a way that brings life. 

And in your journey of discovering who the Trinity is, you will begin to understand just how vital it is to your life.

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The Broad Understanding

The bible tells a very cohesive story article here. The God of the Universe, Yahweh, created a world specifically for mankind. 

He created a beautiful landscape, full of all sorts of animals, plants and insects to make a sustainable earth.

He made this world at his good pleasure so he could commune with his creation, men and woman. Since Yahweh is not human and is a being outside of our understanding of time and space, he needed a way to communicate with us.

Or, I could say that the way that the God of the Universe exists is a reflection on how he intended to create us. No sense in trying to pinpoint why Yahweh did what he did, or is who he is when we’ll never fully understand!

But I can say that we have three distinct persons: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And these three persons are not individuals, they are a collective part of a single God. It is only our perceptions which make us try and distinguish them from the other.

No matter, each person of the Trinity has a specific job in communicating with us. And these specific tasks are very important to the basic story of God and how he has always been seeking a relationship with us.

I humbly propose to you the reasons why each part of the Triune God exists as far as concerns you and me.

But first, let me tell you the very reason why we have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: The New Covenant

The Triune God is completely made known to us through the death and sacrifice of Jesus.

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God, the Father

God, the Father is the Creator (all three are the creators, actually). He is the part of the Godhead that

The Creator of Life

has set the boundary between creator-outside-of-earth and the created-human-on-earth. The Father figure that we picture is of a creator who is in complete control.

Since this creator figure remains outside our time and space, all of the times that we have appearances by God in the Old Testament, it is said to be the Spirit of God. Such appearances were known as the Shekinah-glory external link.

We have such appearances such as a Pillar of Fire and Cloud and in an ordinary tent called the tabernacle.

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God, the Son

God, the Son is said to be the communicator between God and man. Although we think of the Son of God coming later in the story, the Son has always existed. 

The Son, Jesus, told this plainly to his listeners in John chapter 8:

58 Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.” 59 So they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.

Earlier in the bible in chapter 3 of Exodus, we read where Moses asked his name. God told Moses, “Tell them ‘I Am’ has sent you.”

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God, the Holy Spirit

We are immediately introduced to the Spirit of God in Genesis:

1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

The Spirit of God would be the Creator’s representative that appears on earth, as I mentioned above. 

The Spirit was known to come and dwell on a person for specific tasks and times in the Old Testament.

But the Spirit would take a special role with us when Jesus arrived on earth.

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How Jesus Changes Everything

The Son was with the Father and the Spirit at the beginning. Yahweh knew that there would be a special time and place for each of them in our lives.

As we read in the story article here, Jesus came for one major purpose article here: to reveal a new covenant to us.

Jesus came to reveal the purpose of the Triune God and how that would affect our everyday lives. He came so that he would make it easy for anyone to understand the main intention of God: that God wanted us to choose him. God wants our hearts.

If you remember from the story, the first man and woman chose to disobey God. God wants our obedience back, but we have to choose to do that. He gave us the free will to choose.

The message of Jesus wasn’t easy, the ability to walk in the footsteps of Jesus was. His only requirement was to believe in him:

He told us that he would do all of the hard work of repairing our relationship with the Father. And he also told us that he would send the Spirit to dwell within us forever for those who would believe in him.

Jesus told us that God is spirit and that he must be worshiped in spirit and truth article here.

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Join the Conversation

What do you understand the Trinity to be? Do you have any questions about any part?

Would you leave me a comment to help others who may come by and read this page? Please share this with your friends and acquaintances.


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